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Portable Tennis Ball Machines?

The marketing blurb for most popular tennis ball machines on the market today usually contains at least one reference to portability – conjuring up a mental image of tucking your machine under your arm along with your racket and a tube of balls as you amble over to the practice court. However, anyone who’s had the pleasure to use of one of these fine machines will agree that’s definitely not the case!

Here are the approximate weights of some of the best-selling machines available:

As you can see, even the Wilson Portable weighs around forty pounds! Perhaps the truly most portable machine around is the humble Tennis Twist, weighing in at only eleven pounds – just goes to show what effect losing all those fancy extras like spin, oscillation and the ability to throw the ball harder than a six year old can have!

Portable equals Battery Operated

In case you haven’t gotten it yet, “portable” tennis ball machines are not necessarily light; rather this is a reference to the fact that they run on batteries (ie: you don’t have to plug them into mains power, and thus can use them wherever you like).

Portability features to look out for

When purchasing a tennis ball machine, be sure to look out for features that’ll make your life easier when moving it around. After all, even the best machine in the world will not help your game one bit if it stays in the garage because it’s too much hassle to get it down to the courts!

  • detachable hopper – this is often the bulkiest part of the machine
  • not square – narrower in one dimension gives you options when trying to get it in your boot
  • big wheels – glide easier over cracks, potholes, and even stairs
  • convenient handles – preferably extendable

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