Tennis Ball Machines

Pedal-powered ball machine

I have to admit this made me laugh: I’ve just come across this pedal-powered tennis ball machine made out of recycled (spot the pun?) bike parts – looks really nifty, not to mention eco-friendly. Just make sure you’ve got a really fit buddy to power the sucker while you’re hammering away at your backhand! This [...]

Tennis Tutor ball machines

Sports Tutor makes a range of tennis ball machines that cater to various kinds of players, from kids and absolute beginners right through to club and professional players. The best-known and most popular of these is the Tennis Tutor, but if you want a different set of features you should be able to find something [...]

Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine

Despite the Wilson branding, Wilson Portable tennis ball machines are actually manufactured under a contract with Sports Tutor, the same company that makes the Tennis Twist, Tennis Tutor, Tennis Tower and Shotmaker machines. So it shares many design features with those machines, and even looks quite similar. Wilson Portable features The Wilson Portable has a [...]

Lobster tennis ball machines

Lobster tennis ball machines are some of the most popular on the market. I also happen to think they’re the best looking, although that’s not necessarily one of the main features I would base a purchasing decision on! The product line is divided into two main streams: the older electric models, and the battery powered [...]