Tennis Ball Machines

Ball machine versus Backboard

Much has been written about the merits of tennis ball machines for practicing your shots, and to develop timing and consistency. For instance, in his autobiography, Andre Agassi reveals how his father insisted that he hit 2,500 balls a day fired from The Dragon, a ball machine that he (Agassi’s dad) had modified to blast [...]

Pressureless tennis balls: the best to use in tennis ball machines

Have you ever noticed how regular tennis balls tend to go soft after awhile? That’s because they are filled with a pressurised gas, which is what gives them their zip and bounce. Unfortunately this gas gradually dissipates under normal atmospheric pressure, which is much lower than the balls’ internal pressure. And in case you were [...]

Portable Tennis Ball Machines?

The marketing blurb for most popular tennis ball machines on the market today usually contains at least one reference to portability – conjuring up a mental image of tucking your machine under your arm along with your racket and a tube of balls as you amble over to the practice court. However, anyone who’s had [...]

6 Tennis Ball Machine Practice Drills

Here are some ideas for utilizing your tennis ball machine in your practice sessions. Before we get into details of the drills though, a word of caution: make sure you’re reinforcing good technique, not bad! To help with this you may want to: work with a coach or friend who’s at least as good as [...]

Tennis Ball Machine Feature Guide

Buying a tennis ball machine is an investment in your game, but considering that most machines on the market are not cheap, it makes sense to do a bit of research beforehand. This article will give an overview of the most common features found in today’s tennis ball machines to help you choose one that’s [...]