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Tennis ball machines

Tennis ball machines are a great way to improve your game. While there’s no substitute for regular competition against a real flesh and blood opponent who’s doing her level best to outsmart you as well as outhit you, ball machines have a number of other advantages:

  • ready to play whenever you are
  • won’t get tired before you do
  • able to feed you balls with precision, to pinpoint areas you want to work on

Today’s machines are capable of feeding the ball to you with the pace of a tennis pro, the spin of Fabrice Santoro and the consistency of Andre Agassi. Most have horizontal oscillation as standard and some add vertical oscillation into the mix too. More advanced machines have 2-line settings which allow you to practice alternate forehand and backhand shots, and some have computer-controlled “player” modes which simulate real rallies. Depending on your needs and budget, you are sure to be able to find a machine that suits you.

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